How To: Create SD Card to Update iNAND

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1. Download the updated systems image "UpdateiNAND.img"

2. Flash update image into SD Card.

$sudo dd if=/path/to/UpdateiNAND.img of=/dev/<your-sd-card> bs=1M conv=fsync

Re-plug your SD Card when flash is finished.

Note: For Windows users, Download Wins32DiskImager

- Start Win32Imager > Select UpdateiNAND.img and SD Card Drive > Click Write
- Skip to Step 3

3. Mount SD Card first partition.

 $sudo mount /dev/<your-sd-card> /mnt

4. Change the directory into where images are stored

 $cd build-xxx/tmp/deploy/images/hio-imx6dl-board/

5. Copy and rename these 4 files into the SD Card /update folder.

 $sudo cp u-boot-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.imx /mnt/update/u-boot.imx
 $sudo cp uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.bin /mnt/update/uImage
 $sudo cp uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.dtb  /mnt/update/hio-imx6dl-board.dtb
 $sudo cp hio-image-xxx-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.rootfs.tar.bz2 /mnt/update/rootfs.tar.bz2

Note: The 4 files name are changed when move to the SD Card /update folder. The corresponding name are:

uboot-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.imx --> u-boot.imx
uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.bin --> uImage
uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.dtb --> hio-imx6dl-board.dtb
hio-image-xxx-hio-imx6dl-board-xxx.rootfs.tar.bz2 --> rootfs.tar.bz2

They should be the same as the values in /path/to/sdcard/update/update.ini. In update.ini OPTION can be set to uboot,kernel,kerneluboot,rootfs, or all, E.g. Choosing OPTION=uboot will flash the iNAND with uboot only; choosing OPTION=kerneluboot will flash the iNAND with kernel and uboot, etc.. The default selection is all

 # update/update.ini
[HIO-1200_V1.0] UBOOT=u-boot.imx DTB=hio-imx6dl-board.dtb KERNEL=uImage ROOTFS=rootfs.tar.bz2 OPTION=all

For different HIO-board,e.g.<hio-imx6dl-poe>, it is mandatory to rename uImage--3.10.17-r0-hio-imx6dl-poe-xxx.dtb to hio-imx6dl-poe.dtb,and change the value of DTB=hio-imx6dl-poe.dtb in update.ini

6. Insert the SD card into the HIO-EMB-1200 and power it on. Make sure the setting on HIO-EMB-1200 is booted from SD Card (Quick Start Up Guide). After flashing the image from SD card to iNAND, switch the setting back to boot from on-board iNAND.