Functional test for i.MX6 POE Kit

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Note: Please refer to the following article for functional testing 1 to 11
Functional test for i.MX6 Starter Kit

12. Power Over Ethernet:

Note: The Switch you use should be POE capable to do this test.
1,plug one end of the Ethernet Cable to the POE Ethernet port(Located on the Left).
2,Plug the other end of the Ethernet Cable to the POE interface on the 1260 Board, there should be blue light on the board signify it is booted from POE successfully.

13. USB Extension Cable

You can use the Extension Cable to add two more USB slot to the system.

Testing Procedure: Plug in a USB drive to the onboard USB slot or USB Extension slot, then type:

#cd /dev
#mount /dev/sda1 /media
#cp somefile.txt /media	
#umount /media