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Designed for IoT applications with tablet-like form factors, the EMB-2610 is a small form factor Pico-ITX (100x 72mm) industrial motherboard based on Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor. The board features a Power over Ethernet (PoE) ready Gigabit Ethernet port, on-board WiFi/BT, LVDS, MIPI, eDP LCD panel display interfaces support, i2C and USB touch panel support and full set of I/Os including RS-232/485, digital IO and more.

Technical Specifications


POE (Power On Ethernet)

- EMB-2610 J4 40-pin Expansion Header

EMB-2610 pin number.png

Power On Ethernet through (PPC-4210 Extension)
1. Plug In PPC-4210 Extension to EMB-2610 J4 40-Pin Expansion Header
2. Plug 2-pin power cable to 12V & GND connector on PPC-4210
3. Connect 2-pin power cable 12V & GND from PPC-4210 to EMB-2610 power pin connectors
EMB-2610 PPC-4210 POE.jpg
4. Connect Ethernet cable to Power through Ethernet

OS Support

Note: Windows installation requires valid key for system validation.

Live USB Preparation

Download Live USB preparation tool from link above and run on Windows

Instructions for preparing Live USB:

1. Run to start program

2. Once in program, select target drive where you want to copy image 

3. Change partition scheme and target system type

4. Change filesystem type to 'NTFS'

5. Change image type to '.iso Image'

6. Press on 'Disk' icon search and select '.iso Image' to install and press 'Start'

Windows 10 Installation

1. Prepare Windows live USB or a Windows installation disk with external DVD-RW drive and target board
2. Boot EMB-2610 from Installation Disk or Live USB containing Windows 10 Installation | Click 'Install Now'
3. Input Activation Key and click 'Next'
4. 'Accept' License Terms and click 'Next'
5. Select 'Custom' Installation to install Windows 10 as clean installation
6. Choose 'Unallocated Space' to install Windows 10 in desired HDD / SSD
7. Wait for installation to complete and 'Reboot' system


Driver Pack Installation

Download driver pack from link above - Direct download to computer 
1. After driver package download, double click EMB-2610.rar pack & extract the files to USB 2. Plug USB into target EMB-2610 and pull up driver to install 3. Follow driver installation prompt to correctly install the driver 4. Re-start EMB-2610 for driver installation completion (when prompted by the driver to do so). 5. When system re-start, driver should be updated and or installed. 6. To check driver installed properly, Go to Menu >> Settings >> About >> Device Manager